FAQs About Plastic Compression Molding, Plastic Fabrication & Assembly Line Services

Frequently asked questions

Why should I choose Pride Engineered Plastics as my plastic parts manufacturer?

Pride Engineered Plastics has been manufacturing quality custom plastic parts for nearly 20 years, with roots stretching back to the 1972 founding of our sister company May Wes, a well-respected manufacturer of aftermarket poly parts for the agricultural industry. We have the knowledge, experience and equipment to manufacture your plastic parts from concept to completion. As a division of Pride Solutions, LLC, we are able to leverage the resources, talents and purchasing power of our larger organization to provide you with quality poly parts at competitive prices. Our capabilities include CAD/CAM design, compression molding, thermoforming, CNC routing and turning, fabricating, CNC metal turning, and much more. We work with a wide range of engineering polymers, specializing in UHMW-PE and HDPE. We also have an extensive partner network that we can access for additional services such as injection molding. We are a values-driven, customer-focused company dedicated to providing innovative solutions to our customers.

Is Pride Solutions the same company as Pride Engineered Plastics?

Pride Engineered Plastics is a division of Pride Solutions, LLC. We share staffing and facility resources to keep our costs down and prices competitive. Credit card billing statements will show as Pride Solutions.

How do I get custom plastic parts made?

To have a custom plastic part manufactured by Pride Engineered Plastics, please fill out our info request form or give us a call at 320-587-0760. Our knowledgeable staff will help you take your plastic part from concept to completion!

Does Pride Engineered Plastics make plastic prototype parts?

Yes. We can work with you to manufacture one-off and prototype plastic parts from a wide range of polymers. Our innovative engineering team especially enjoys helping customers develop prototypes.

Does Pride Engineered Plastics offer Contract Manufacturing and OEM services for plastic fabrication, machining and compression molding?

Yes. We are a contract manufacturer and produce a wide range of plastic components for many well-known OEMs and top-tier manufacturers.

What types of compression molding services do you offer?

We have rows of compression molding presses, ranging from 100-500 tons! We also offer thermoforming and over molding of poly onto metals and other materials.

What secondary and assembly services does Pride Engineered Plastics offer?

Our Pride Assembly division offers turnkey custom electro-mechanical assembly services, specializing in mid-sized assemblies. Using your prints, we will work with component suppliers, prepare the production planning and handle all assembly for you.

What does UHMW-PE stand for?

UHMW-PE stands for Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene.

Can you use an existing mold?

Potentially. We would need to evaluate the tooling. Please contact us to discuss.

Can you mold around metal components or inserts?

Yes, we can overmold poly onto metal and other materials. We also have a CNC turning center and can turn your metal parts in-house prior to over molding to save you time and money.

Are all plastics parts manufactured at your facility?

We completely manufacture most plastic parts in-house. We also have a trusted network of vendors we work with to meet customer requirements that fall outside of our in-house capabilities.

Can Pride Engineered Plastics machine metal parts?

We have an SMT 3000 turning center and cobot and can offer in-house metal turning. In addition, we can source competitively priced machining and metal fabrication services through our trusted network of industry partners.

Can I trust Pride Engineered Plastics with my confidential information?

We are committed to honoring our customers’ non-disclosure agreements and protecting customers’ intellectual property and privacy. We have been trusted to manufacture plastic parts for Fortune 500 companies for nearly 20 years. Credit cards are processed using a third-party credit card processing system and are not stored in our system. Please see our privacy policy (link) for additional details.

How does your pricing compare to other plastic contract manufacturers?

We are able to offer competitive pricing by keeping our overhead low. We leverage the shared staffing and facility resources with our parent and sister companies and capitalize on the purchasing power of our larger organization to offer you quality poly parts at competitive prices.

Does Pride Engineered Plastics build custom molds?

We work with trusted vendors to supply quality custom molds used to make your parts.

How much does it cost to make a mold for a custom compression molded part?

The price of a custom mold is determined by the complexity and volume of the product. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Who owns the mold after it is built?

You maintain ownership of the mold. We will maintain and store your mold at our facility, but you can take it once our contract is fulfilled.

What polymer should I use for my plastic part?

The material you use for your plastic part will depend on the application. We work with a wide range of engineering polymers and can help you select the right material for your application. We recommend using UHMW-PE for parts that require abrasion and impact resistance.

What polymers does Pride Engineered Plastics work with?

We work with a wide range of poly materials, including UHMW-PE, TIVAR® 88 UHMW-PE, HDPE, HMW-PE, nylon, nylon 66, MD nylon, polycarbonate, urethane, Delrin®, ABS, Acrylic, Kydex®, Kynar® , polyethylene, CPVC, PVC Pipe, and PVC Excelon R-4000.

Does Pride Engineered Plastics use recycled polymers?

We primarily use virgin polymers for quality assurance, but can use regrind as a cost-saving to our customers if their applications allow. Our CNC fabricating equipment enables us to tightly nest sheet parts cut from sheet stock to avoid waste.

How does compression molding work?

Polymer resin is poured into a mold cavity. The mold is then closed and the calculated amount of pressure is applied to force the resin to contact all areas of the mold. Heat and pressure are applied until the polymer has cured.

How long does it take to design and manufacture a custom plastic part?

This will vary depending on the complexity of your part and your production requirements. Our team will work with you to develop all deliverables and meet your deadlines.

What happens after Pride Engineered Plastics manufactures my plastic parts?

We can ship the part(s) directly to you or drop ship them to your customer. We can ship via LTL, UPS, Spee-Dee, Fedex, USPS and courier. Local customers are always welcome to pick up parts at our plant.

Do you offer any stock plastic components?

Yes! We stock a wide range of poly capped bolts, bulk poly sheet material in UHMW and high density poly, angle poly, and UHMW shafts. Through our sister company May Wes, we are able to offer a wide range of poly parts for the agriculture and construction industries, including drawbar savers, fifth wheel slick plates, poly cutting blades and much more. We also can quickly produce plastic parts from standard shapes

Can Pride Engineered Plastics make injection molded parts?

We source injection molded parts through an extensive partner network of injection molding services. Through our partners we are able to offer quality injection molded parts at competitive prices. We only work with injection molders who share our commitment to customer service and quality.

Do you have a catalog of plastic components?

We have a brochure listing all of our poly capped bolts. We also offer a catalog for May Wes poly agriculture parts.

Where is Pride Engineered Plastics located?

We are located at 120 Eastgate Drive SE in Hutchinson, Minnesota. We are proud to be located in the heart of Minnesota’s “Manufacturing City” and are very active in our local community. Our employees are active in manufacturing, volunteer and civic organizations, including Made in McCleod, the Hutchinson EDA, youth sports coaching, local fire departments, the snowmobile trail club and 4-H.

What are your operating hours?

We run three shifts four days a week and two shifts five days a week. Our office hours are Feb-June, Monday-Thursday 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Friday 8 a.m.-4 p.m. and July-Jan, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Who should I contact about an existing order, payment or other question?

Please call 320-587-0760. Our Pride Engineered Plastics sales team will be happy to answer your questions. We take pride in delivering unbeatable customer service.