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Midwest Polymer Group - Baxter, Minnesota:

Updated: May 2

“Pride Solutions has provided us with services such as Engineering and R&D support on potential new projects, to production parts whether the order is for a minimum order or high volume,” he noted. “Pride has produced parts that are small and very detailed, to larger parts that are 3 feet long. They are willing to work with us to try to develop most projects that we present to them. We have maintained a great working relationship on both sides for the entire time that we have worked together.

“Pride Solutions has been extremely helpful in the development of new products, assisting me in R&D, traveling to customers, and being supportive in any way that they can. They respond to questions and any issues that may arise very quickly, and are all around very good to work with. Pride’s service and quality has been great. Very few problems or issues, and if there has been, they address it immediately. I have been very satisfied with their quality. They are very good at anticipating if there might be a problem by reviewing the design ahead of time, and we discuss that with the customer before moving ahead.”

> Midwest Polymer Group Success Story

Dan Tholen Midwest Polymer Group
Dan Tholen is president of Midwest Polymer Group, Inc., a plastic and rubber sourcing business based in Baxter, Minnesota. Courtesy Midwest Polymer Group.

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