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Minnesota Millennial Farmer Jumps a Tractor with Compression Molded Plastic C&A Pro Snowmobile Skis

Updated: May 2

Minnesota Millennial Farmer Zach Johnson recently set a "Township Record" by jumping a John Deere tractor with his snowmobile after getting a few tips from snowmobile legend Levi LaVallee.

Zach equipped his Polaris sled with custom compression molded plastic C&A Pro XCS snowmobile skis that we manufacture right here in our Hutchinson, Minnesota compression molding shop.

Zach uses a wide range of aftermarket agricultural products manufactured by our sister company, May Wes Manufacturing, including G4 Stalk Stompers that feature compression molded UHMW shoes.

Watch Minnesota Millennial Farmer Zach Johnson Jump a Tractor on a Snowmobile

Pride solutions employee pours UHMW resin into a snowmobile ski mold

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