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Plastic Fabricating and Compression Molding Polymers for the Agricultural Industry

Updated: May 2

At Pride Solutions, fall harvest is the most exciting time of year. Everyone at our plastic fabricating and compression molding shop in Hutchinson, Minnesota pitches in to make sure farmers around the world get the poly parts they need on time to bring in their crops.

Our compression molding shop staff are busy molding UHMW G4 Stalk Stomper shoes to keep up with demand for this game-changing new stalk leveling system that protects combine tires and tracks from corn stubble damage, and our plastic fabrication shop is cutting and bending plastic skid shoes by the thousands, along with Minimizer 5th wheel Slick Plates, row divider wear shields, drawbar savers, UHMW poly liners, and hundreds of other poly parts sold through our May Wes Manufacturing division.

Our shipping department is hard at work making sure these critical shipments get to farmers as quickly as possible, and our office staff are glued to the phones, helping farmers and ag equipment dealers with their orders to ensure they get the correct aftermarket parts for their farm equipment.

Pride Solutions is deeply rooted in the agricultural industry. We launched our contract assembly, plastic fabricating and compression molding business back in 2002 when Pride Solutions was born. We are a a legendary Minnesota manufacturer that pioneered the application of poly to the ag industry back in 1972. We leverage May Wes’ nearly 50 years of experience in working with various polymers to benefit our contract manufacturing customers.

Farmers around the world count on polymer products to protect and extend the life of their equipment and prevent costly downtime during the busy planting and harvest seasons. Through our May Wes division, farmers can purchase hundreds of aftermarket poly products for their farm equipment.

For spring tillage and planting, we offer a wide range of plastic parts and products, including our revolutionary new G4 Planter Stalk Stompers that feature compression molded UHMW poly shoes, UHMW auger wearshoes and poly cupped flighting, as well as seed fill tubes and plastic Rapid Drain filters, just to name a few spring products.

For harvest, we manufacturer UHMW poly skid shoes, G4 Stalk Stompers with compression molded UHMW shoes, dozens of UHMW trough liners and UHMW tube liners, custom cut poly sheets, and countless drawbar savers to extend the life of tractor drawbars. We also offer plastic corn head snouts through our partnership with GVL Poly, as well as paddle tines and 5 Finger Quick Tines for grain heads, retractable poly fingers, poly pickup bands, and many, many other plastic products for farm equipment.

We manufacture plastic parts from a wide range of polymers including UHMW-PE, HDPE, ABS, Acetal, Acrylic, Delrin®, Kydex®, Kynar®, Nylon, Polyethylene, Polycarbonate, PVC and CPVC, specializing in UHMW-PE.

The majority of our agricultural poly products are made from UHMW-PE because it is by far the toughest polymer out there and can withstand thousands of acres of use. Our UHMW G4 Stalk Stompers knock down genetically modified cornstalks that might as well be metal spikes. Our farm customers tell us they switch to our UHMW skid shoes because they far outlast OEM skid shoes. Farmers have been putting our UHMW poly products to the test for nearly five decades, and continue to be satisfied with this tough polymer. If you are seeking a plastic with the best wear resistance, we recommend UHMW.

As we reap this year’s harvest, Pride Solutions thanks our world’s farmers for all the hard work, blood, sweat and tears they put into keeping us all fed. We wish you a safe and bountiful harvest.

With nearly 50 years of experience manufacturing plastic parts for the agricultural industry, Pride Solutions has the expertise and equipment to handle your toughest manufacturing challenge. Contact us today to find out how we can help you grow your business.

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