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Bring us your most challenging ideas for compression molded or fabricated plastic parts and we’ll make them a reality. Bring us your tedious and time-consuming assembly work and we’ll free you up to focus on more important things.


We are Pride Solutions – the plastics contract manufacturer and custom assembler you’ve been looking for. We offer compression molding, plastic fabrication and assembly services. We can design your parts, make them, handle all your supply chain and documentation needs and assemble your final product – all right here, under one roof in Hutchinson, Minnesota, U.S.A.  You’ll benefit from the expertise we’ve gained manufacturing our own poly products for our May Wes and C&A Pro divisions, as well as for our worldwide contract manufacturing clients.

Choose Pride Solutions as your contract manufacturer and you will enjoy unsurpassed customer service, quality and attention to detail – all at prices kept extraordinarily competitive through our cost-efficient business model.

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Our Services

Our contract manufacturing services include compression molding and

over-molding, custom plastic fabrication - cutting/shearing/bending/punching, CNC routing and lathe, plastic forming – line bending, thermos. We even offer In-house CNC metal turning for manufacturing clients who require

over-molded metal parts. In addition, we offer custom electro-mechanical assembly services and offer competitively priced plastic sheet goods, plastic shaft and bar stock and poly capped elevator bolts.

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Contract Manufacturing

Pride Engineered Plastics is a contract manufacturer specializing in compression molding and custom plastic fabrication. We work with a wide range of polymers and have industry-leading expertise working with UHMW-PE.

We are a contract manufacturer for various OEMs over multiple industries, including agriculture, industrial, material handling, oil/gas, water treatment, turf managment, and power sports.

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Contract Assembly

Let Pride Assembly do your assembly work for you so you can focus on other aspects of your business! Using your prints, we work with component suppliers, prepare the production planning, perform the assembly operations and quality control steps and package the finished units for shipment. We provide second-to-none quality control documentation to ensure your products are properly assembled every time.

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We have been working with Ultra-High Weight Polyethylene (UHMW-PE) since 1972, when our May Wes division pioneered the use of poly in the agricultural industry. Back then we discovered that applying slick and abrasion resistant UHMW-PE to wear areas on farm equipment not only protected the equipment, but also helped increase efficiency and reduce fuel costs. Manufacturing clients around the world have leveraged our UHMW-PE expertise to help them solve their toughest challenges.

Your Reliable Source for Compression Molding, Plastic Fabrication, Contract Manufacturing,

Custom Assembly & Quality Poly Products



UHMW is incredibly impact resistant. It is the polymer of choice for the world’s toughest applications, including mining and aggregate, agricultural, transportation and more.


UHMW holds up better than steel, hardwoods and other polymers



UHMW is an Excellent Choice for Applications Requiring a Slippery Surface.


Why choose

The toughest polymer you’ll

ever find!


2018 Recipient of the 

Made in Minnesota

Manufacturing Award

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